Vape Juice


Vape Juice goes by multiple names across the industry, e-liquid, e-juice, vape liquid, vape juice. Regardless of what you see it called, it's all used the same way. The only differences you'll find are what TYPE of vape juice you're seeing and if that's the type you need


The two types of Vape Juice or E liquids you'll find are Freebase and Salt Nicotine.

  • Freebase Vape Juice:
Freebase nicotine is nicotine in its purist form and is the more potent form it can be in. It is also more easily absorbed and processed by the receptors in your body. This is the oldest and most common version of E-juice you'll come across. It is primarily used in sub-ohm devices as it burns much faster and with greater ease.
    • Salt Nicotine Vape Juice:
    Salt-Nics are relatively new to the vaping industry but have been around much longer. Salt-Nicotine E-liquids are not as potent as Freebase E-liquids which is why you tend to see them at higher dosages. They were designed to mimic the feel of smoking cigarettes WITHOUT any of the smoke or cigarettes. These juices are most commonly used with pod systems as they burn much slower and require a significantly lower wattage. However, we are seeing some juice lines come out with Sub-Ohm Salt Nics in order to give you that same puff and head feel that you get from Salts only in a Sub-Ohm device.
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