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M Series Replacement Coil

M Series Replacement Coil

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GeekVape M Series Coils 5pk

The GeekVape M Series Coils are specially designed for Z Max Tank for massive clouds and boundlessly possibilities for cloud-chasing max. 

M0.3Ω Coil (55W-65W)

M0.2Ω Coil (70W-85W)

M0.15Ω Coil (85W-100W)

M0.14Ω Coil (60W-80W)

M SERIES COIL - M represents max.

  • A massive cloud maker, boundless and effortless.
  • Max coil size broadens the contact surface between air and liquid, making a mouthful and enriching flavor.
  • Multiple coil configuration. Free up more flavor possibilities.

Sold in 5 packs.

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